Approach in the first instance should be made via email. If you contact by phone and have not first sent your application via email, you will be instructed to do so and the call will be terminated. 

Your email must contain your full name, and considered introduction. You are to address me as Lady Ava. I will not respond to Miss, Mistress, Goddess, or any other title.

You must include your interests and specify the nature of the session you are hoping for. See the sessions tab on this website to familiarise yourself with what may and may not be requested. 

You must advise your location and availability, along with any further details you deem relevant, including but not limited to; health conditions, hard limits, allergies, needs for special adjustments, emergency contact, and  previous experience.

I reply twice before a confirmed booking will be expected by means of a 50% deposit sent via bank transfer. Failure to follow protocol will result in an immediate termination of contact. Rude or deliberately intended time wasting behaviour will result in your details being blocked and stored in the collective database of the professional dominatrix community.