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Devote yourself to 
Lady Ava Sheridon

Welcome to the Avasphere darlings and dirtbags.

My name is Lady Ava, the only elite disciplinarian, sadistic seductress and inappropriate therapist you will ever need.

​If you have arrived at My site, the universal forces are telling you that you need to explore your kinks under My watchful eye.

The mind is concomitant with the body in all areas of kink, fantasy and taboo. Dare to disclose to Me the deepest darkest thoughts contained within your secret perverted mind, and relinquish control as I weave a bespoke playground, private to you and I.

I have an unnerving superpower of drawing out every last detail about you and I will use this to make your cock twitch with a mere glance.

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Image by Peter Olexa
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​Clients I See:

​Darlings: The gentleman. The gentle sub. The devoted sissy. The adoring gent. The respectful masochist. The willing slave. The dinner companion. The kinkster. The fetishist. The sugar daddy sub. 

​Dirtbags: The undeserving. The scum. The humiliation slave. The worthless pig. 

I spend my time in the company of affluent, well-mannered and experienced men, and with this in mind I do not see men under the age of 35. Race is not important to me. Hygiene is everything. My clients are smart, successful and of sound political persuasion (extreme far-right need not contact me)

Clients I don't see:

The brat. The petulant. The immature. The Dom-the-Domme. The disrespectful. ​

Image by Peter Olexa

About Lady Ava Sheridon

I began my career as an International Professional Dominatrix in 2014. Previous to that I found that my concupiscent nature, insatiable sexual appetite, fiery desires and Scorpionic cravings for a private double life led me down the path of empowerment and sexual freedom in the sex industry.

​I entered the world of kink, fetish and sexual liberation with a tremendous thirst to try everything. Exploring my darkness became a way of life, accompanied with an increasing desire to feed the feeling of ubiquitous assimilation that came to me only through my unprecedented exploration of the dark scene.

​After dipping my perfectly pedicured toe into writing erotic fiction, exploring kink, swinging, fetish parties both attending and organising, submission, sex work and everything in between, it was the psychological art of domination that really got my juices flowing.

Finding a natural skill to overpower men gave me a hedonistic high so intense yet so deliciously satisfying, and here we are!

I am a control freak, a sapiosexual, with a fussy nature and I will utilise My intellect and sexuality to get exactly what I want.​ I am a qualified NLP therapist, and I take great delight interweaving psychological play into my sessions.

An increasingly evolving sadist, I facilitate for a varying degree of limits, from mild bondage to extreme pain. ​​


First Time Session/Introduction
If this is our first session you should expect a verification check and hygiene inspection on arrival, followed by light refreshments - provided by you - and polite conversation for up to at least 15 minutes, more if necessary. During this time I will be building your profile and establishing that I can fully tailor a session of mutual satisfaction. I will also be assessing your mental health for peace of mind that you are able and stable. 

​Inappropriate Therapy
Practising the darker side of NLP is a passion of mine and you will sit on my couch with an involuntary willingness to disclose everything. Prepare to have this information used to coerce, manipulate you and bend you to my will.

Having you encased and restricted whilst using My body to torment you in the most creative of ways will send your head into delicious turmoil. Imagine your pulsating, straining cock in suffering as I have you trapped.

​Anal Training/Pegging/Strap On Play
Limits will always be assessed beforehand. There are few pastimes I love more than defiling your eager bottom.

​Key Holding
Approach Me for chastity consideration. This is your sacrifice to me and a sign of pure submission, trusting me to own you and your body in a symbolic way. Not the faint hearted, expect Me to keep you locked for as long as I deem necessary.

​Corporal Punishment
From light to extreme and using whatever creative objects I can lay my sadistic hands on. You should know that I am known as the Mistress with the hardest spank in BDSM, and I can cause significant bruising and welts with just my bare hands. I am a true sadist with a desire to cause bruises, swelling and horrifying screams. I am exemplary with a cane. My fetish is bruises, the darker purple the better.

Sissy Mama
If your yearning desire is to adorn yourself in girly finery and serve me as the perfect sissy maid I will accommodate you and transform you into the sissy version of yourself you've always dreamed of.

​Forced Feminisation
Act like a whiny little bitch and I’ll sit on your chest with your hands bound and make you look like one, you disease ridden, gutter dwelling tramp. This is not sissification and you are trusted to understand difference. 

​Sensual Domination, Tease and Denial, Body Worship
I am an ethereal sexual Goddess and you will kneel at My feet begging for the chance to come close to My delectable skin.

​Domestic Servitude
Yes you may tend to my every demand! My home is and always has been private and out of bounds but you may serve me in my hotel room and clean my car. You are permitted to run errands, do the shopping, cook for me, carry out admin duties and anything else I can think of. The list is endless and relentless.

Again, this is an area that adopts many forms and an in depth discussion will take place before we embark on this road. A comprehensive mental health assessment will be carried out before any terms are agreed. 

I seriously cannot emphasise enough how much I love a good sploshing session! Let’s grab the custard and the cold baked beans, blow up the paddling pool and get you really, delightfully messy!

Leave this all to me. I’ll bring the pain, you just bring the meat and two veg.

​Public/Outdoor/Task Humiliation
Like a box of chocolates, “you never know……” I totally get off on ordering you around in public, controlling what you eat, making you pay for my shopping, tying you up in a public space and so much more. 

​Sensory Deprivation and Sensory Pain/Play
Including but not limited to; full body encasing, candle play, e-stim, hot and cold therapy and more.

​Financial Domination

I never run out of of new and creative ideas to drain you of your finances, so tread carefully and be sure this is a world you want to step into.

​​​Only enquire about this if you understand truly what this entails. This is right for you if sending to Me is your first thought when you wake and the last as you fall asleep. I am your addiction and you’re in it deep as soon as you start.

​ATM - I meet you once a week/fortnight/month at an ATM. You withdraw cash and hand it to me. Don't talk to me. I'm not there to engage with you, I will take your money and leave.

Regular sending. Dated sending via CashApp. Contribute to My Goddess lifestyle. Adopt one of the below.

Tribute Structure

Hair - £80
Nails - £50
Gym - £100
Lingerie - £200
Shoes - £200
Massage - £50
Floatation - £50
Yoga - £50
Make Up - £200
Hotel - £500
Dinner - £150
Weekend break - £1000
Shopping trip - £1000


Debt contracts. Discussed per applicant.

Consensual Exposure Play.

Not for the faint hearted. All limits agreed before play commences. Prepare to put your personal information in My hands and remain indebted to me.

I’ve hosted 100’s of cuckold scenarios over the years and my creativity never runs out. I will always devise new ways to achieve loud orgasms with My man whilst you are there merely as a backdrop to heighten our fantasy.


Added levels to the experience of inappropriate therapy. A totally immersive deep dive into subspace where all that exists is within the constructs of my words. 

​If you have a session idea in mind that is not listed here, you are welcome to ask in your application.

***I do not offer full service or hard sports.***

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