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My Round Up of 2022, and Plans for 2023.

2022 was, for Me, the year it became apparent that to continue My success as a professional Dominatrix, I would have to focus on My online presence.

Pre-pandemic, I was more than satisfied with a steady stream of face to face clients and good old fashioned referrals via word of mouth and a limited number of online listings.

So 2022 has been very much about pivoting the business, spending more time dominating clients online, and navigating the world of online content creation.

I would still class Myself as new in the world of clips and customs, and even though I have hosted online sessions for many years, they really bare no comparison to what I truly love about My work, the intense beauty and thrill of hosting submissives face to face. Indeed, demanding a sub inflict themselves pain via a screen is nothing compared to holding a pair of sorry looking testicles in My bare hands! The hedonistic and sadistic pleasure I get from seeing fear in his eyes, and the smell of sweat and fear in the room!

That being said, as My experience has developed in creating content, I've certainly had fun with it.

I've gained technical knowledge and learned the power of props and creative angle positioning for POV shots!

A highlight this year in filming was "Kinky High Tea", in which I turned my submissive into a human trifle! Filming took place at the remarkable new venue, Bayswater Dungeon Suite, owned by Madame Caramel. Conveniently situated a short walk from Bayswater station and fitted out to an exceptionally high standard, I cannot recommend this venue highly enough, for both filming and hosting all session requirements. Furthermore, professionals who book the space receive a 20% discount, a true example of what is so important in our industry; Dommes supporting Dommes.

I love to continually learn in this exquisite BDSM world, and 2022 has been no exception.

Practically, I've further explored needle play and skin stapling, discovering joy in creating beautiful skin corsetry and intricate needle patterns.

I've grown My online presence and built connections with more wonderful kink lovers of every variety.

Psychologically, I've further merged My expertise in NLP and hypnotherapy with the D/s dynamic. the mind/body connection is where deep subspace truly resides. I delight in overwhelming all the senses and taking my submissives to depths they never dreamed possible, and watching the teachings spill over to their daily lives, improving who they are as a person in every eventuality.

I'm excited for 2023 and eagerly await new relationships with deserving submissives. I have big plans for sploshing fans in 2023 but I won't give away too much yet!


Advice for beginners:

Let Me offer some guidance to those who are exploring this exciting world for the first time. If you're a submissive looking to serve for the first time, or even if you've been around a while but haven't successfully made that connection you crave yet, this is for you:

  1. Pay attention and do your research.

Not sure if She accommodates your kink? If She will travel to your location? Not sure what Her rates are? Her preferred way to be approached? Find out and stop being lazy! She does not want a DM from you asking questions that have been answered clearly already on Her website and platforms. Trust Me, we get hundreds of these and you immediately get dumped in the pest category. We don't appreciate our time being wasted when We've already put so much of it into our sites for you.

2. Desire to serve before you think with kink!

You are opting into, or at least claiming to, a D/s dynamic when you contact your Domme for the first time. Whilst the idea of having your kinky needs sated might well make your willy twitch, learn that this is the reward part of your journey (spoiler alert: if you are simply looking to have your kinks met, you are looking for a kink service provider, not a Domme. Quickly run along and educate yourself on the difference), and rewards must be earned. Your approach must always be "How can I best serve Her, in the hope to one day get what I want?" and not "willy, willy, cum, yhaye*^!, excited, me no brain, can't control myself, willy control me, duh, I'm stupid"

Calm yourself.

Compose yourself.

Prove yourself.

3. A tribute is never too small when given as a token, random and unprompted appreciation.

The thought goes further than you think and sets you apart from freeloaders. Listen, social media likes, comments and retweets are nice (most of the time), but poppet, they do not pay the bills, and we are not out here entertaining you for free. Every picture you enjoy has taken time to create. We pour our dedication into growing our business and you should see every piece of content as exactly that, an extension of our business. See a picture you love? Send £10 and a thank you note once in a while. See a post with a wishlist? Read the room! This is not a post for you to ask a random question on and expect a reply! Either move on when you see these posts or interact in the way that's invited and buy from the wishlist.

4. Be honest about your own boundaries.

Find a Domme that will respect your boundaries, listen to you and keep you safe. This blog has been heavily laden with expectations of the Domme thus far, and yet the dynamic really is a two way street. A good Domme will strive to enhance your life, not ruin it. You have a responsibility to get specific from the outset no matter how unsexy and arbitrary it may feel. Discuss honestly and openly your budget, your availability, previous experience and hard limits (no one has "no limits" Please do not let these words fall from your mouth, ever!) Do not try to lie or embellish. We can always tell. The very foundations of a successful D/s relationship are built on trust and honesty.

Ready to approach Me and progress your servitude journey in 2023? All applications are to be sent via LoyalFans. Subscribe here to make contact.

And Happy New Year!

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