First Time Session/Introduction
If this is our first session you should expect a verification check and hygiene inspection on arrival, followed by light refreshments - provided by you - and polite conversation for up to at least 15 minutes, more if necessary. During this time I will be building your profile and establishing that I can fully tailor a session of mutual satisfaction. I will also be assessing your mental health for peace of mind that you are able and stable. 

Inappropriate Therapy
Practising the darker side of NLP is a passion of mine and you will sit on my couch with an involuntary willingness to disclose everything. Prepare to have this information used to coerce, manipulate you and bend you to my will.

Don’t let yourself be concerned with the lack of professional equipment in a domestic setting. All I need is my imagination and an elastic band.

I have no issue with putting you out in the rain if you misbehave or even so much as look at me the wrong way. I’ll deprive you of water for so long that you almost pass out from dehydration. At which point I’ll place a funnel between your teeth and bring you back to life with my magic nectar.

Anal Training/Pegging/Strap On Play
Limits will always be assessed beforehand. There are few pastimes I love more than emasculating you and defiling your eager bottom.

Key Holding
There is nothing I love more than wearing the key to your cage on my necklace or bracelet. This is your gift to me and a sign of pure submission, trusting me to own you and your body in a symbolic way.

Light Intox
Do not ask me for hardcore breath play or choking until you faint. My answer will be no. Light intox play to get you in the mood and suitably and literally loosened up is fine. 

Corporal Punishment
From light to extreme and using whatever creative objects I can lay my sadistic hands on. You should know that I am known as the Mistress with the hardest spank in BDSM, and I can cause significant bruising and welts with just my bare hands. I am a true sadist with a desire to cause bruises, swelling and horrifying screams. I am exemplary with a cane. 

Sissy Mama
If your yearning desire is to adorn yourself in girly finery and serve me as the perfect sissy maid I will accommodate you and transform you into the sissy version of yourself you've always dreamed of.

Forced Feminisation
Act like a whiny little bitch and I’ll sit on your chest with your hands bound and make you look like one, you disease ridden, gutter dwelling tramp. This is not sissification and you are trusted to understand difference. 

Sensual Domination, Tease and DenialIf you allow yourself to delude some sort of notion that you might get to touch me, you’re wrong. That will never, ever happen. Sensual domination is sexy, persuasive and utterly, utterly painful, for you!

Domestic Servitude
Yes you may tend to my every demand! My home is and always has been private and out of bounds but you may serve me in my hotel room and clean my car. You are permitted to run errands, do the shopping, cook for me, carry out admin duties and anything else I can think of. The list is endless and relentless.

Again, this is an area that adopts many forms and an in depth discussion will take place before we embark on this road. A comprehensive mental health assessment will be carried out before any terms are agreed. 

I seriously cannot emphasise enough how much I love a good sploshing session! Let’s grab the custard and the cold baked beans, blow up the paddling pool and get you really, delightfully messy!

Leave this all to me. I’ll bring the pain, you just bring the meat and two veg.

Public/Outdoor/Task Humiliation
Like a box of chocolates, “you never know……” I totally get off on ordering you around in public, controlling what you eat, making you pay for my shopping, tying you up in a public space and so much more. 

Sensory Deprivation and Sensory Pain/Play
Including but not limited to; full body encasing, candle play, e-stim, hot and cold therapy and more.

Financial Domination

I never run out of of new and creative ideas to drain you of your finances, so tread carefully poppet and be sure this is a world you want to step into.

TRIBUTE ME ON CASH APP. Cash tag £LadyAvaSheridon

Only enquire about this if you understand truly what this entails. Understand that I want nothing to do with you in any other capacity if this is how you apply to know me.

Your options are:

ATM - I meet you once a week/fortnight/month at an ATM. You withdraw cash and hand it to me. Don't talk to me. I'm not there to engage with you, I will take your money and leave.

Bank account control - this is an extreme form of financial domination and you should only pursue this if you are prepared to hand over all control and receive an allowance each week. 

Online tributes - You send me a bank transfer once a month because you adore me, you need to serve your weakness and need to send me money. You will reference the payment with your name and gift title - see below.

Tribute Structure

Hair - £80
Nails - £50
Gym - £100
Lingerie - £200
Shoes - £200
Massage - £50
Floatation - £50
Yoga - £50
Make Up - £200
Hotel - £500
Dinner - £150
Weekend break - £1000
Shopping trip - £1000

Shopping demands - I will tell you when I want something and you will transfer me the funds to buy it. These are ad hoc and in addition to the standard tributes as highlighted above.

Financial domination is exactly that. I do not owe you my time or anything else. Please educate yourself fully before you apply. 

Lady Ava’s cuckold scenarios have a reputation of their own. You'll watch a full display of play eagerly from your appointed corner, adhere to any demands directed to you and endure any tests we see fit to set for you. 


Added levels to the experience of inappropriate therapy. A totally immersive deep dive into subspace where all that exists is within the constructs of my words. 

Sessions I Do Not Entertain

Sex With Me
I do not engage in any sexual activity with clients, ever. You are my slave and I am your unattainable Lady Ava. That is it.

Foot Worship
Yes dirtbags, I am different to most Mistresses. That’s why you love me. Go anywhere near my feet and you'll likely receive a swift and unwelcome swipe to the face.

Human Toilet/Hardsports
NO - do not ask me. You will be blacklisted.

Age/Race Play
NO - do not ask me. You will be blacklisted.